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Arriba el FLIC a Vilnius!

  • On

    Island Creator Festival

  • Quan

    Del 13 al 17 de novembre

  • Amb el suport de

    Ministerio de Cultura, Institució Ramon Llull, Vaikuzeme


Arriba el FLIC a Vilnius!

Since 2017, the reading promotion program “Children’s Island”, based in Vilnius, Lithuania, organizes literature festival “Children’s Book Island”, made up of two parts: children’s literature industry days for authors, illustrator’s, publishers and other professionals called “Creator Island” and weekend literature festival for children and their grown-ups.

Each year the event is co-organized with a different international partner, and in 2024 we are honoured to be joined by Tantàgora, who will present Catalan and Spanish authors, illustrators, publishers, as well as literature festival “Flic” to audiences from Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

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